Real Talk About the Transition into Motherhood

Choosing Gratitude

These days I find myself straddling the line and wavering between acceptance of the never-ending to do list and resistance to it. It feels like my husband and I could spend all day hacking away at the responsibilities and still not feel accomplished or done by the end of the day. And then, of course, there are the big kids who are home with us all the time and who want and need our engagement. And we truly want to be with them too, spending time doing the things that bring them and us joy.

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Newborn Sleep Resources – Changing the Game

If you are anything like me you obsessed about newborn sleep with your first baby. You read tons of articles and books and tried all different strategies to get your baby to sleep longer and on her own.

I read so many books and articles on newborn sleep the first time around. From gentle strategies to cry it out methods. I dabbled in them all, but nothing really changed the situation.

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A Tale of 3 Births

We hired a doula. We took natural childbirth preparation classes. We planned for an unmedicated birth. We switched care providers at 25 weeks in hopes of having more support for our birth vision. Baby was found to be breech at 36 weeks.

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Letter to My Postpartum Self

Congratulations you have just birthed your baby. I know that you’ve been hearing that a lot lately, and you may not feel like there’s anything to celebrate right now. You are wounded, tired, and overwhelmed. You are in shock about the reality of what having a new baby is like. It’s not what you thought it would be like. This baby needs you all the time. You knew that would be the case, but you didn’t KNOW.

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Postpartum Planning 2.0 – Sharing Postpartum Plans

This past weekend I set about sharing my postpartum plans with my partner and parents. The conversations were great opportunities to discuss our expectations, reflect on what worked last time and problem-solve some sticky areas. As the time for postpartum planning winds down I find myself feeling nervous and excited about what the postpartum period will bring, and I am trying to settle into this waiting period with peace and anticipation.

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