Demystifying and Normalizing the Postpartum Experience

We are not medical experts. We are not the go to source for information on parenting or birth. We are two well-informed mothers and professionals. As a doula, Taylor is trained to provide postpartum doula support and stays up to date on the birth world. As a mental health counselor Fiona is trained to support women to manage a variety of challenging situations including postpartum adjustment and mental health issues. We will share evidence-based information and suggest resources to help you dig a little deeper. We will share ideas with expecting mamas about how to prepare for the postpartum transition.  We will encourage honestly about the challenging parts so that new moms aren’t blindsided.  We want you to be empowered to make conscientious decisions about your and your family’s well-being.

I’m So Tired: A Mental Health Day for Mom

In a culture that highly values productivity, busyness and results, it’s really hard for many of us to scale back and let it go some days. I absolutely love to feel productive and, in general, I enjoy life more when I’m active and creative. But I also think that many of us forget about the importance and restorative quality of just being.

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Parenthood and the Comparison Trap

You’re awake in the middle of the night with your baby for the third time. As you’re feeding her, and scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, what are you thinking when you see that picture of your friend’s baby sleeping peacefully in his crib? Or that video of your other friend’s 10 month old baby walking already?

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