Expecting a baby between now and October 2016?


Are you unsure what to expect from motherhood?


Do you hope to transition peacefully to motherhood?


Do you have a birth plan, but no postpartum plan?


Are you excited about welcoming your baby, but apprehensive about how your life is going to change?


Have you been given tons of unsolicited or conflicting advice about caring for your baby?


Do you want ideas to help you get the postpartum support you need?

We Are On a Mission…

to break the silence about the postpartum transition.  Being pregnant and giving birth are major life events.  With so much focus on pregnancy and birth, the postpartum time period often gets overlooked.  We were surprised, overwhelmed, and challenged by the transition to motherhood and we felt drastically under-prepared.  We have had many conversations with the theme “we wish we knew.” We talk often about why this transition is so challenging and why so many mamas feel blindsided by their entrance into motherhood. There seems to be great pressure to keep up a facade that becoming a mother and caring for a newborn is pure bliss and nothing else.

Our goal is to help new mothers have the best postpartum experience possible.  We have identified 4 ways to support expecting and new mothers and, by focusing on all 4 aspects across a variety of postpartum topics, we believe we can help improve the experience of new mamas.  Our 4 aspects of postpartum preparation and support are:

  • Sharing our own stories and the stories of all mothers
  • Demystifying and normalizing the postpartum experience
  • Identifying self-care strategies
  • Explaining how to access the social support that you need

Explore More About Each Aspect

Posts on Postpartum Planning for Pregnant Mamas

Postpartum Planning 2.0 – Sharing Postpartum Plans

This past weekend I set about sharing my postpartum plans with my partner and parents. The conversations were great opportunities to discuss our expectations, reflect on what worked last time and problem-solve some sticky areas. As the time for postpartum planning winds down I find myself feeling nervous and excited about what the postpartum period will bring, and I am trying to settle into this waiting period with peace and anticipation.

Skin-to-Skin and Family Bonding after Birth

Many mothers dream of that moment their baby is born. After the hard work of labor and birth, no matter what type of birth you have, snuggling your baby, skin-to-skin, is the ultimate payoff. It’s almost as if nature immediately begins the important work of helping us forget the challenges of giving birth. Time stands still and nothing else matters.

*New Mama Project is not intended to be a substitute for professional support if you are experiencing symptoms of a postpartum mood disorder.  We hope to encourage you to start sharing your struggles and seek mental health support if you need it.  If you think you might have symptoms of a postpartum mood disorder, please contact your care provider.