Peaceful Postpartum: An Online Retreat

For $35, Peaceful Postpartum mamas will get:

14 Days of Guidance

Emails and resources throughout the retreat.  Emails will include a thoughtfully crafted PDF focused on a postpartum topic to encourage you and help equip you for a smoother transition into motherhood (see below for content details). The PDFs will include exercises, activities, printables, worksheets, and templates.

Membership in our Community

Access to our private, exclusive Facebook group of retreat participants for support and discussion. We (Fiona & Taylor) will be checking in regularly to share more ideas and resources and to participate in conversations.

2 Live Chats

You will be invited to 2 live chat sessions in which Fiona or Taylor will be present to offer feedback, answer questions, and facilitate discussion.

With 2 weeks of daily encouragement and ideas from New Mama Project, and a community of other brand new mamas, your postpartum transition doesn’t have to feel impossible and quite so overwhelming.

Past participants are saying…


This retreat was amazing! I was looking for advice on things like mental health and some insight into being a new mom. I started with an open mind since I had never done an online retreat and didn’t know what to expect. I loved the emails that connected to the Facebook page so we could read and then discuss the topic(s). The retreat helped me look at the big picture and believe that how I feel right now can be worked on and improved. Fiona and Taylor are very caring and responded to participants quickly and with thoughtful words. It’s hard to get out of the house in the early days and I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other new moms daily. The experience was fantastic and I wish it were longer!

~ Andrea G.

melissatestimonialI chose to sign up for the retreat when I was having a rough day. I struggle with postpartum anxiety and while I know some people who have had kids, I didn’t really have a lot of people I could reach out to in order to see if what I was feeling was normal. I was also finding it hard to talk about my experience because I didn’t want to bring up painful memories for others. I found great comfort in the online community of participants. Everyone was there because they wanted to be and the participants were interested in talking about and processing their postpartum struggles. I also think that having the PDFs to reference later when I’m having a difficult day will be really helpful.

~ Melissa F.

The transition to motherhood is hard.

In an instant, your life has changed and now all of your waking (and sleeping) moments are devoted to caring for this new, precious life. On top of that, you’re healing from giving birth, learning how to feed your baby, experiencing drastic hormone shifts, navigating your changing identity, and moving through your days on much less sleep than you’re used to. And if you’re already a mother, the addition of this newest member of your family is rocking your world once again as you figure out how to balance it all: healing, feeding and caring for your baby, and continuing to mother your other child(ren).

But you don’t have to struggle through this alone and unsure of how to get the support you need.

There are things you can do to make this postpartum transition more gentle and peaceful for yourself and your family.

We believe that you have the inner resources to work towards postpartum wellness.  We also believe that you can access support systems that will carry you through this time.  The tricky part can be digging deep enough to unearth those resources when you’re in the midst of this overwhelming time.  It can be hard to build a support system for yourself when you’re too tired to find the mental energy to even begin.

Mamas with babies:

This retreat is perfect for you if you:

  • Have moments of yearning for your old life
  • Are overwhelmed by the tasks required to care for your baby, yourself, and your home
  • Are struggling to share how you’re feeling about this transition and perhaps feeling guilty about not loving every minute of it
  • Wonder if you’re the only new mom struggling with this transition
  • Crave community and companionship with other new mothers
  • Need some encouragement and strategies for improving your days and your mindset

With some guidance to help you build wellness habits and to help you learn how to tap into your resources, and some support to help you remember that you’re not alone, you can feel better than you do right now.

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Mamas expecting a baby near the retreat dates:

Your baby will be here (or almost here) by the time this retreat starts. 

This retreat is perfect for you if you:

  • Are unsure what to expect from this transition
  • Understand that the transition to motherhood is a major one and want to adjust as peacefully as possible
  • Want ideas and support to help you find ways to nourish yourself, care for yourself, and encourage yourself on the harder days
  • Thrive in community and want companionship with other new mothers

With some guidance to help you build wellness habits and to help you learn how to tap into your resources, and some support to help you remember that you’re not alone, you can maximize your chances of having a more gentle and peaceful postpartum transition.

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This retreat is your at-home companion for cultivating your two pillars of postpartum wellness: self-care and social support.

In creating this retreat, we took ourselves back to our early days with our babies.  We remembered all the challenges, the things we wished we had done, and the support we wished we had cultivated to make these transitions a little bit easier.  These personal experiences, combined with our professional expertise (Taylor as a birth and postpartum doula and Fiona as a mental health counselor), have informed our work on Peaceful Postpartum.  We have put it all together into 14 days of encouragement, ideas, templates, strategies, and worksheets to help you move through your postpartum days with a bit more peace.  We’ve created lots of little starting points to set you on your path to postpartum wellness and general wellness as a mother.  (You can learn more about our background here).

A Glimpse of the Retreat Content

  • Prioritizing Self-Care
  • It’s OK to Ask for Help
  • Mindfulness for New Mamas
  • The Power of Affirmations
  • Processing Your Birth Experience
  • Communicate with Your Partner. Get Support.
  • Challenging Your Negative Thoughts
  • Do I Need More Support?
  • Nutrition, Exercise, and Embracing Your Postpartum Body
  • DAY 15 BONUS: You’ll receive access to a special closing exercise.
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Ready to Join Us?

This transition, and the postpartum time period is momentous, yet fleeting. We believe, from the bottom of our hearts, that investing in yourself during this sensitive time will benefit you, your baby, and your family now by giving you tools, ideas, and strategies that you can implement immediately. We also believe that it will benefit you as you embark on the lifelong job of mothering your child(ren). So many of the exercises and practices can be carried forth once your postpartum days are long over.

We know intimately how quickly mothers can forget to take care of themselves when mothering their child(ren). Starting now will help you develop a habit of doing this for years to come. If you’re feeling well, you will have more resources, energy, and motivation to give your family the best care and love that you can.

For $35, or $2.33 a day, you’ll get 14 days of ideas, resources, and support (plus 1 bonus closing exercise on Day 15), membership in our private FB community, and access to 2 live chats. We can’t wait for this retreat to start!

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This retreat is not intended to be a substitute for professional support if you are experiencing symptoms of a postpartum mood disorder. If you think you might have symptoms of a postpartum mood disorder, please contact your care provider.