How would you feel with some validation and support during this transition?

Are you overwhelmed and anxious most days as you figure out this new way of life?

Do you share your struggles with friends or family only to receive advice that doesn’t feel helpful?

Do you know you need support, but struggle to get out of the house and connect with some resources?

With a postpartum consultation package, you can expect:



Sometimes it’s hard to see ideas and solutions when you’re in the midst of something. We will draw on our extensive trainings and experiences to help you brainstorm approaches that can help you during this transition. And we’ll work with you to make sure these ideas fit within your own unique parenting philosophy and feel good to you.


Listening & Validation

As a doula and mental health counselor, our listening skills are top notch. And we really want to know how this postpartum transition is going for you. As mothers, we can also empathize with the challenges of the postpartum time and we will validate what you’re experiencing with no judgement.


An Action Plan

You have a lot on your mind and heart and it’s hard to remember and execute plans right now. After our conversation(s), we’ll send you a PDF that details your biggest challenges and our ideas for improving your postpartum experience.


Follow-Up Support

We want to help see you through this process. You’ll have a guaranteed response within 24 hours to any email you send us during your package window and we’ll follow up via email at the end of your package time period.

We will listen to you, think creatively with you about your challenges, and help you sift through your options. Our goal is for you to feel less overwhelmed and more confident tuning into your own mothering instincts after our work together.

One-Time Consultation

  • 30 - 45 minute phone or Skype conversation
  • PDF document with a plan of action
  • Email responses from us within 24 hours for a week after our call
  • Follow-up email at the end of the week

Investment: $75

Book a Consultation!

One-month Support Package

  • 30-45 minute phone or Skype conversation each week for 4 weeks
  • PDF document with a plan of action after each conversation
  • Email responses from us within 24 hours throughout the month
  • Local resource list that addresses your unique challenges

Investment: $300

Book It!

There are a ton of resources out there for postpartum families, and many of them are great! In fact, we’ve written a great deal about this transition you’re experiencing. But there’s no substitute for unique, individualized support. That’s where we come in. We want to help you confront your own unique struggles and find ways to improve your experience right now.

*Consultations are not a substitute for professional counseling. If you believe that you need professional mental health support, please seek the support of a mental health counselor. If you need help finding someone, or encouragement to do that, we can help with that too.*