Identifying Self-Care Strategies

Self-care may be somewhat of a cliche these days, but there’s just no way around it. You need to take care of yourself in order to take care of a baby. This can mean anything from hiring a postpartum doula to help you in the early weeks, to simply eating a snack every day between lunch and dinner. We’ve got tons of self-care tips and we will share them all with you! We know you’ll find a self-care approach to fit your personality and lifestyle.

I’m So Tired: A Mental Health Day for Mom

In a culture that highly values productivity, busyness and results, it’s really hard for many of us to scale back and let it go some days. I absolutely love to feel productive and, in general, I enjoy life more when I’m active and creative. But I also think that many of us forget about the importance and restorative quality of just being.

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Postpartum Physical Recovery: Listen to Your Body

Sometimes I scroll through online forums where moms chat and ask questions. I’m curious about people’s birth, baby, and postpartum questions. It really helps me get an idea of what people need support with and gives me ideas for what to share here on New Mama Project. Something I see many new moms asking questions about is physical recovery, both immediate healing as well as long term postpartum body changes and adjustment.

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