Sharing Stories

What we’ve heard from moms over and over again is that hearing each other’s stories is one of the most validating experiences as a new mother. We share a lot about ourselves in order to help you know you’re not alone. We are cultivating a collection of your stories as well. New Mama Project is a place where mothers can share their postpartum stories, read others, and hopefully get a sense of universality, or the idea that what you’re experiencing is a shared, universal experience.  Browse the posts below to read some postpartum stories.

A Lesson from my Newborn

My third baby is 4 weeks old. That makes me 4 weeks postpartum. I still feel like I’m living in that characteristic hazy in-between of postpartum. I have so much to say about these past 4 weeks and so much I want to write about. There is his birth story to write, thoughts on our older kids’ adjustments to adding a new family member, reflections and gratitude for all the support we’ve had this past month, my own postpartum healing process, and thoughts on some of the challenges we’re experiencing.

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Helping Children Adjust to a New Baby Sibling: My Story

One of the greatest challenges I support families with is integrating a baby into a family that already has at least one child. The experience for that child or children is one that often rocks their world and so many parents are left wondering how to help support their child through the transition. While my experience won’t be exactly like yours, I want to share it here to remind you that you’re not alone if your child is struggling with the adjustment to a new sibling.

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