Sharing Stories

What we’ve heard from moms over and over again is that hearing each other’s stories is one of the most validating experiences as a new mother. We share a lot about ourselves in order to help you know you’re not alone. We are cultivating a collection of your stories as well. New Mama Project is a place where mothers can share their postpartum stories, read others, and hopefully get a sense of universality, or the idea that what you’re experiencing is a shared, universal experience.  Browse the posts below to read some postpartum stories.

Who is New Mama Project For?

At it’s core this project is about helping mom’s feel normal. Many new moms are so unprepared for motherhood that they are blindsided by their experience. Caring for newborns is deeply demanding. Becoming a mother also means a significant identity shift that can be accompanied by some emotional ups and downs.

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Amanda’s Postpartum Story: Overcoming Multiple Challenges

After a repeat C-Section in March 2015, I was actually shocked at how quickly I recovered. I was up on my feet walking around by the time night time rolled around the same day. I didn’t need any pain killers at all during my 2 day stay which made me really happy since they always make me sick.  After carrying around a baby for 9 months and having her weigh a whopping 11lbs at birth at 39 weeks, my body was just relieved to not be carrying around all that weight!

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Lisa’s Brief and Beautiful Postpartum Story

I guess I haven’t had the time to sit down and write a thoughtful reflection yet, but the babe is napping and this seems like a good time. In brief: I am doing really well and am loving being a mom. I guess I wasn’t prepared for this type of love, as it is one you don’t experience any other way. So deep and so pure.

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