Accessing Social Support

Asking for and accepting help is often the biggest barrier to wellness for many moms. Here in the US, our dominant cultural narrative tells us that to be strong, capable mothers, we need to be able to handle it all independently. It can be so very hard to admit we need help and to then take the steps necessary to get help. Knowing what you need and finding a person to ask for help are crucial for the overwhelmed mom. We will help you figure out what kind of help you need, identify social support resources, and offer real-life tips for how to ask for support.

The Loneliness of Motherhood

There is sometimes a loneliness that goes with motherhood. Until I became a mother I really didn’t understand this. I didn’t understand the shift that I would experience going from a coupled adult to a mother. Now I know. I am still surprised though at the moments when motherhood feels most lonely.

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7 Things I Did to Make my Postpartum Period Easier

My second daughter will be seven weeks old on Friday. She came into the world in a totally different way than her sister and this postpartum experience has been totally different for me as well. I spent many posts on this blog sharing my postpartum plans this time... read more

Postpartum Planning 2.0 – Sharing Postpartum Plans

This past weekend I set about sharing my postpartum plans with my partner and parents. The conversations were great opportunities to discuss our expectations, reflect on what worked last time and problem-solve some sticky areas. As the time for postpartum planning winds down I find myself feeling nervous and excited about what the postpartum period will bring, and I am trying to settle into this waiting period with peace and anticipation.

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