Accessing Social Support

Asking for and accepting help is often the biggest barrier to wellness for many moms. Here in the US, our dominant cultural narrative tells us that to be strong, capable mothers, we need to be able to handle it all independently. It can be so very hard to admit we need help and to then take the steps necessary to get help. Knowing what you need and finding a person to ask for help are crucial for the overwhelmed mom. We will help you figure out what kind of help you need, identify social support resources, and offer real-life tips for how to ask for support.

An Ode to My Postpartum Helpers

There’s no escaping it. The postpartum time period is hard. My postpartum adjustment this time around has been simultaneously challenging and lovely. Challenging are the moments when all three of our children need something and there are only two sets of adult hands to help. Challenging are the middle of the night wake-ups when I’m on my own to feed and change the baby’s diapers. And challenging is the baby’s struggle to learn to breastfeed and my tired back and shoulders from his need to be held almost constantly by me.

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Get Postpartum Help Without Leaving the House

Today I want to talk about why it’s so challenging to leave the house, why it’s still important to get help now, and how you can get postpartum help, even without leaving the house. I know that you will leave the house again, and that things may be hard right now.

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Accepting Postpartum Help from Your Parents

A theme that is central to becoming a parent is how to negotiate your relationship with your own parents. Especially in the early weeks after a baby is born it is often the grandparents who are providing the most support to the new parents. New parents need this support. It is so challenging to care for a newborn, recover from birth, and adjust to life as a parent. Grandparents can ease the transition immensely.

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